De Rotterdam

A work in progress

Inspired by the world renowned book ‘Men at Work’ by Lewis Hine, in which Hine documented the construction of the Empire State Building in New York City, Rotterdam photographer Ruud Sies has recorded the building of De Rotterdam. 

Hine’s portrayal of the men who worked, apparently without fear, at great heights was extremely powerful. To capture these, Hine himself didn’t shy away from risk. ‘Men at Work’ provided a fascinating series of images of the construction of this symbol of the New World. 

And just as New York City is defined by its skyscrapers, the buildings on the Wilhelminapier provide Rotterdam with its own distinctive skyline, which is made even more impressive by the Netherlands’ tallest building, De Rotterdam. 

From day one of its construction, Ruud Sies has followed and photographed every step in the creation of De Rotterdam. The book containing this complete photographic documentary is titled ‘Building the Rotterdam’. A visual anthology from this focussed on the people going about their work is presented under the name ‘Men of the Rotterdam’. Visit for more information about this unique project.