Kunsthal Rotterdam

The Kunsthal combines 3300 square meters of exhibition space, an auditorium and restaurant into one compact design. Sloping floor planes provide seamless connection between the three large exhibition halls and two intimate galleries.

The building was conceived as a square crossed by two routes: one, a road running east / west, parallel to the Maasboulevard; the other, a public ramp extending the north/south axis of the Museum Park. A sloping ramp which runs through the building, bridging an elevation of six meters, is replicated on the outside.

The higher ramp is presented as a Japanese roof terrace (a contribution from project architect Fumi Hoshimo), providing the Museum park with an impressive feature. Its position, wedged between a busy highway and the network of museums and green spaces known as the museum park, allows it to function as a gateway to Rotterdam’s most prized cultural amenities.

Photo: OMA / Hans Werlemann