De Rotterdam

Sustainability meets comfort

In De Rotterdam and 44/floors sustainability is given its rightful attention while providing residents with comfort. In partnership with Eneco, a sustainable energy supply has been developed to equip the 44/floors apartments with under-floor heating and cooling, by generating heat and cold from existing sources.

For example, the under-floor cooling system makes use of cold water from the Maas. The interior temperature of every room is controlled by its own thermostat and high performance, heat-reflective double-glazing keeps your home comfortable at all times. Of course you can also open the windows to let fresh air inside if you want to.

Because of the under-floor heating and cooling, the apartments don’t contain any radiators, thereby giving you optimal flexibility for positioning your furniture. And finally, throughout De Rotterdam, energy generated by the lift is used to power lights in the hallways and lobbies.
That’s how comfort and sustainability go hand-in-hand.