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Manual for a stylish life

Rotterdam is energy. Plain and simple. It’s not about words, it’s about actions. It’s the city where ‘doing’ is a lot more important than ‘being’.

The city that’s far from small to begin with, yet becomes bigger in every aspect the more you get to know it. It’s the only city where a building such as De Rotterdam can really come into its own and where 44/floors makes new urban living the reality that brings an extra dimension to your life. Not just through its luxury apartments that envelop you in comfort, convenience and service. But through its surprising and enchanting array of fashion and design, lifestyle and cultural events, culinary pleasures and a metropolitan nightlife.

44/floors has brought together a select group of people who turn living in Rotterdam into a really desirable way-of-life. It connects you with a variety of shops and boutiques, cafés and restaurants, clubs and theatres, galleries and museums that are just right for you. It’s a place where you’re never short of inspiration for entertaining days and magical evenings. A place where you’ll find the quality your heart desires.

And it’s our pleasure to introduce you to it all on our city map.